Riviera Life Church: Sunday Reflections.

Ministry Reflection: Sunday 24 January 2022

Good morning everybody!

On Sunday morning Jordan continued with our theme The Set Apart Life and he introduced us to the Bible hero David. During the course of the next few weeks as a church we are going to delve into the life of David, you may know him as the giant slayer, you may know him as a great warrior king, you may have read his wonderful poetry and songs of worship in the Psalms but there is so much more that we can learn from this man. David had his faults and his failings, he was an adulterer, a murderer yet it was God who called David ‘a man after his own heart’. It was God, who despite all this, still set David apart from the rest. Acts 13:22 (MSG) reads like this:

He’s a man whose heart beats to my heart, a man who will do what I tell him’.

The Set Apart Life: God’s Chosen and Anointed One!

Check out 1 Samuel 16 vs 1-13, it is well worth the read because this chapter details and allows us to read about the significant moment when David receives his ordination for a life of service to God! David’s brothers and father also witnessed the events that took place and they too realise that their youngest brother, the ‘forgotten’ son has been chosen by God. This is the moment where the boy becomes the man of God! This is the moment of David’s personal growth and expansion! The moment David is chosen and anointed! There are a few things that we can learn from this chapter:

1) God chooses the overlooked and forgotten about!

You may have been overlooked and forgotten about by people but God has never taken his eye off you! God hasn’t stopped watching your faithfulness. God hasn’t stopped guiding your life. God hasn’t forgotten about you. He sees the hurt, the pain, the insecurity and the frustration of constantly being overlooked and He will never overlook you or forget you.

2) God looks for motive over material success!

We live in a world that celebrates, promotes and idolises material success. We live in a world that recognises material success as the only success worth attaining. We live in a world where there is so much pressure to have the newest, fastest, strongest, most expensive things and if we don’t have material success there is something wrong and we have failed! The truth is this is a backwards and a wrong measure of success!Success has nothing to do with our material gain and it is all do to with our motive. God has no care for our outward appearance and He will only ever look at our heart!

3) The chosen and anointed are filled with the Holy Spirit!

David only became recognised as one of the greatest Kings in the history of Israel because he was empowered by the Holy Spirit! The only way we can live set apart is by the power of the Holy Spirit! The only way we can impact a community and nation is by the power pf the Holy Spirit! The only way marriages and families can be set apart is by the power of the Holy Spirit! The only way the Church can be set apart is when we are filled with the Holy Spirit! Are our lives full of the Holy Spirit?

4) We are now the chosen and anointed ones!

There are so many lessons to learn from David’s life and faith! God has now chosen and anointed us for a new season! God has chosen us and anointed us for a new day! God has chosen and anointed us for a specific task!

Be blessed and have a great week!

Jon Baldwin

Associate Leader, Riviera Life Church

To hear the sermon in full check out this link.


Ministry Reflection: Saturday 15 January and Sunday 16 January 2022

Good morning everybody!

We have just experienced an awesome weekend at Riviera Life Church. As you will know by now Pastors Ian and Jackie Williams passed the baton of Senior Leadership to Jordan and Naomi Williams in what can only be described as a ‘significant’ weekend in the life of Riviera Life Church which marked the culmination of a 2 year transition process. God is on the move! God is working! God is doing something brand new in the life of this great church and the challenge to us is – are we going to step up? Are we going to run the race that is set out before us? It is time to run our best lap yet.

As we reflect on this past weekend there is so much to consider, so much to act on.  Why don’t you re watch Saturday’s Induction and Commissioning Service of Jordan and Naomi and our Sunday service which we entitled the ‘Set Apart Legacy’, this service was ‘gold’.

On Saturday – we were blessed to have Ps. Misheck Manahana from Riverside Family Church in Southampton. Ps. Misheck is a longstanding friend of the Ministry Team here at RLC and he is also the South West Leader for Assemblies of God, the group of churches of which we are a part. In his address to the church on Saturday, Misheck read from Acts1:4-8 on the outpouring and promise of the Holy Spirit.

In this season, God is leading us to a place where we need to produce ‘evidence’. In short, a disciple of Jesus needs to become a witness. As Christ followers, as the church, are we willing to move from being just a disciple, to a disciple that is also a witness? Are we willing to take the stand and give evidence? Misheck challenged us with three points:

  • When we walk with the Holy Spirit this journey becomes a lot easier. We are able ‘to do’.
  • The Holy Spirit gives us the provision to ‘grow’.
  • The Holy Spirit gives us the ‘purpose to go’.

We can’t just stay – we must ‘go’. We are called to become witnesses and produce evidence.

You can catch Saturday’s induction service in full here.

Sunday: The Set Apart Legacy.

(Thanks to Kobe Addai for making some great notes in this service!).

In Sunday’s service we set aside time to interview and honour Ian and Jackie for over 27 years of incredible service to RLC. To that end, we did something different and interviewed Ian and Jackie to ‘tap into’ and learn from their story as we move forwards into this new season.  The questions we asked included:

  1. How did you end up planting a Church in Torquay?
  2. What have been some of the challenging moments of the past 27 years?
  3. What have been some great moments over the last 27 years that have caused great joy for you?
  4. What lessons have you learnt in life and Christian ministry to pass on to the next generation?
  5. What are you looking forward to in the future?

Following are a few of the ‘takeaway’ points from question no:4 (see above), these answers were ‘gold’.

  • You will always make mistakes, learn from them.
  • You are human.
  • Know that sometimes people will let you down but learn to forgive,
  • Do not harbour resentment and hurt.
  • Remember to love always.
  • Hold on to things God gives you but don’t let it define you. Let go when God says to let go! Always remember it’s God and when it is done, let go!
  • In the good and in the bad, God is always faithful. 
  • Men in leadership: Love your bride, more than you love the bride of Christ.
  • Love and also invest in your family more than you love and invest into the church. 
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, take your role seriously but not yourself or you lose yourself and your joy!

You can check out the whole interview here.

Prayer points:

Please continue to pray for and thank God for Ian and Jackie as they step into a new and exciting season of serving God, the community and the Church.

Pray for Jordan and Naomi as they take on the Senior Leadership of RLC.

Pray for RLC and our community. God is on the move!

It’s time to run our best lap yet!

God Bless,

Jon Baldwin, Associate Leader.

Riviera Life Church

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Ministry Reflection: Sunday 9 January 2022

2022: Set Apart

Good morning everybody!

I am writing this devotional on the back of what only can be described as an outstanding Sunday of Worship and Word. On Sunday 9 January our new Senior Leader, Jordan Williams, fresh out of isolation (!) delivered some phenomenal ministry as he outlined our theme ‘Set Apart’ for 2022. I would encourage you to check out the full sermon, you can access it here, but following are some of the key headlines and take home points that I would encourage us to chew on as we press forward into all that God has got for us!

2022: Set Apart

At the beginning of the Book of Joshua we discover that Moses the great leader of Israel has died and Joshua has succeeded him. Joshua is and certainly becomes a great leader but initially and understandably he is daunted by the size of the task ahead of him. During the course of the first few chapters of this incredible book God speaks with Joshua filling him with confidence, hope, vision and that all important sense of mission and purpose that he needs to lead the people of God from the wilderness into the Promised Land.

By the time we get to Joshua chapter 3, Joshua is poised and prepared to cross the River Jordan and from there to take Jericho and in so doing he has to prepare the people of Israel for what is to come. He says these words:

“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5

The word ‘consecrate’ means to ‘make holy, to sanctify, to make clean, to dedicate towards!’ It means to be ‘Set Apart’.

Joshua commands the people of God to be set apart! To set apart their thoughts from the world! To set apart their conversations from the world! To set apart their actions from the world! To set apart their habits from the world! To set apart their behaviours from the world! To set apart their marriages from the world! To set apart their families from the world! To set apart their community from the world!

Joshua’s challenge was to set a new standard. To create a new normal!
To forge a new path! To ignore the way of the world and to set themselves apart!

What a challenge to us today!
What are we aiming for this year?
What are you aiming for in 2022?

Our aim determines our destination! If we aim for what the world aims for we will get what the world gets! We will end up selfish, greedy, broken, lost, hurting, messed up, material focused, a dysfunctional mess!

But… if we set ourselves apart, if we aim for Heaven we will be a people full peace, love, joy, hope, faith. We will be a generous, kind, loyal, forgiving and found people! We will shift from striving to thriving! We will shift from pain to purpose! We will shift from backstabbing to building up! We will shift from hurting to helping! This only happens when we set ourselves apart and aim for heaven!

In 2022, let’s follow His presence, let’s get into His presence. Just like the children of Israel followed the Ark of God. It is in His presence where lives are changed and transformed, it is in His presence where we receive revelation.  

Let’s chase His presence and set ourselves apart in 2022!

Be blessed and encouraged.

Jon Baldwin, Associate Leader.

Riviera Life Church.

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Ministry Reflection: Sunday 2 January 2022

Great Expectations


Good morning Riviera Life Church! Happy New Year! 

Every Wednesday as part of our 2022 Devotional and Discipleship plan we aim to take a moment to reflect on the ministry that has taken place on the previous Sunday through a written devotional. You can access these devotionals via our website (https://rivieralife.co.uk/resources/blog); through your inbox or via our Face Book page. You can then use these thoughts and reflections for your own study and devotions or they can be used as part of our wider Life Group set up. By the way if you are not part of a Life Group please do let us know and we would love to get you plugged in!

On Sunday Ps Ian Williams spoke a great encouraging yet challenging message to us about our expectations for 2022. Do you have ‘Great Expectations’ for 2022? What is the level of your expectation?

Ephesians 3: 20 says these incredible words: 

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

This verse helps us to have Great Expectations. So, with all that in mind here are 4 points that we were challenged with:

1. What do you see in 2022?

It’s time to embrace a new mentality. In Genesis Abram stepped outside the limitations of his tent and he ‘looked out’ and he ‘looked up’ at what God had in store. It’s time to ‘look out’ and it’s time to ‘look up’. 

So what do we see as a church for 2022?

  • The fields are ripe unto harvest.
  • The church reaching out.
  • The new leadership breaking new ground!

2. Don’t just survive in 2022, thrive and flourish!

Let’s thrive and flourish throughout the year. Check out Psalm 1! If you want to thrive and flourish be like the man who ‘delights in the law of the Lord, meditates on it day and night, like trees planted along the river bank, bearing fruit each season’. If you plant yourself in Him, you will thrive and flourish. 

3. Raise the bar!

It’s time to raise the bar of our expectation. It’s time to raise the bar in prayer. It’s time to raise the bar in our public worship, come on – let’s lean in – together. Let’s determine ourselves that we will raise the bar in our commitment to God, in our devotion to Him, let’s be determined to lean in when we meet together to worship Him and hear and receive from His Word. 

4. Look to the horizon. 

With the eyes of faith let’s look to the horizon! There is a cloud on the horizon filled with ‘rain and blessing’. To take hold of all that God has got for us this year we need to let gossip go, let negativity go and make sure our declarations, our confessions and our proclamations are edifying and worthy of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. 

2022 is going to be a great year. We have ‘Great Expectations’!

To access Sunday’s message in full, please do click on this link:


God Bless. 

Jon Baldwin                                                       

Associate Leader, Riviera Life Church.