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Riviera Life Church is committed to encouraging and equipping people for their God given purpose. Therefore, we have made all of our teaching (recorded live during our services) available online free of charge.

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Reuben continues our series, From Lockdown To Looking Up this morning, looking at The Lost.
As we continue our series, From Lockdown to Looking up we look at the story of Elisha.
We are excited this week to continue our Sunday sermon series, From Lockdown to Locking Up.
This is our final Growth Track Session on Joshua A Conquering Generation. A great session with input from guest contributors. Enjoy.
This is session 5 of our our Growth Track series Joshua A Conquering Generation. This session is entitled Lessons From The Conquest. In this session we look at the preparation leading to Jericho, The Battle of Jericho. We then make a quick study of Joshua 7 and the immediate hard lessons that Joshua learned and what he did to rectify the sin of Israel.
We conclude our sermon series Crazy Faith in Crazy times by looking at Moses.
This is Session 4 of Joshua A Conquering Generation. Today we explore the significance of Joshua 5. The Israelites have crossed the River Jordan, momentum is on their side - they are going to take Jericho but Joshua decides to press the pause button on the momentum and stop. Why does he do this? He has to 're establish' some of the old ways not really known or practiced by the new generation. What does he have to 're establish' and why is this so significant to the children of Israel and the up and coming conquest?
This is Session 3 of our Growth Track series Joshua: A Conquering Generation. It's Time To Cross Over!
Ian continuing our series on Crazy Faith in Crazy Times.
Join us as we celebrate 25 years of Riviera Life Church
This is Session 2 of our Growth Track series Joshua A Conquering Generation.
Paul Gibbs speaks to us all the way from America, continuing our series of Crazy Faith In Crazy Times.
Joshua: A Conquering Generation!
We start our new series Crazy Faith in Crazy Times.

Easter Sunday Service

April 12, 2020
Riviera Lifes Easter Sunday Morning Services